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6 Good Reasons to Marry Your Best Friend

by Pradip Singh
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Several times you have a thought that the soul mate is not only that partner with whom you share so many things and with whom in the end you marry, but that you can also find your soul mate in those special friends that you have. And what better way to find that that friend for whom you feel is your soul mate becomes something more and in the end, you end up marrying them!

And it is that many times we believe that the love of our life is somewhere in the world (referring to a place in the world as anywhere except your environment) and it turns out that it can be in your face, as the saying goes: Love is to around the corner.

This is why here we bring you the 6 good reasons to marry your best friend.

Varun Dhawan is engaged to his childhood best friend and soon will tie the knot later this month.

1. You will have someone to be with you

You both have something in common.

We always hear that not everything in marriage is rosy, but in your relationship, surely most of the time it will be rosy. Because you know each other so well that you already know what plans to make in which you both enjoy a lot. In addition, they will not spend time discovering defects in their partner, because they already know what it is like and they know what to expect, so it only remains to enjoy each other because they love and love each other as they are.

2. The arguments won’t be so serious

It is normal for you to have discussions on one topic or another, but surely you will always find a way to clarify things and return to that ideal-romantic moment between the two of you. Because they have shared so many things and they know each other so well, that they even know what the other does not like and how to make them smile at a time when it is almost impossible. Their fights certainly don’t last more than an hour.

3. You won’t have to pretend

They know most about you

When we meet someone and we like them, we tend to act differently, we become intimidated and we always try to make the best impression. When you are with your best friend, since he was your friend from the beginning, you didn’t have any interest that would make you nervous, so you decided to show yourself as you are. Then it was when they fell in love, but they already fell in love with each other as they are!

4. They will always have fun

You already have complete trust in each other.

Your best friend knows you very well: He knows how much you like going for a walk, going out together to walk the dog. Just as you know how much he likes superheroes and whenever you think about what to give him. The first thing you think about is giving him something with his favourite superhero.

If one day they want to stay out of the house, stay in their pyjamas all day, ask for home and watch movies that are fine, and if another day they want to go out for a walk and then go out to eat that is also very good! Because those are the plans that they have always made, do and will do and knowing that you are with someone with whom you can share no matter what because of the great trust that there is and the knowledge they have of the likes of the other is incredible!

5. They will have new experiences

You can really be yourself

As much as you have been together for a long time (adding time as friends and time as boyfriends), surely you will want to seek new experiences, because the same trust and security that you have in each other, lead you to always get out of the routine and seek new plans, which will be very good for your relationship, as it will not let them get bored.

6. They will be better day by day.

You could really have a lifelong best friend

Being with a person who knows you so well and who loves you just the way you are, makes them support you at all times and motivate you to be a better person every day. He knows how to advise you to act in the best possible way, he knows what to say to you so that you stop being sad or angry and he knows how to motivate you when you are depressed.

Best friends make life wonderful, both big and small. They build you up when you need it. They support you when you can’t do it yourself, and they catch you when you’re missing. Who is better at spending the rest of your life with you than the very one who knows you most intimately and loves you anyway?


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