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How to kiss passionately to stimulate your desires?

by pradip
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How to kiss passionately to stimulate your desires?

Here is how you kiss passionately to turn your partner on and put him/her on fire. Making love is an art and making and art is a slow and leisurely process. Try to stay in the momentum to keep the passion on and get the best out of your love makings.

There is nothing more stimulating than a good kiss, that is why they are the beginning of everything and a fundamental ingredient to achieving arousal. But not everyone knows how to give passionate kisses that make the temperature rise and desire to skyrocket. Do you want to get it and drive your partner crazy? Pay attention because we will give you the fundamental keys to passionate kisses.

Steps you should follow to kiss passionately:

Table of contents:

  1. Start slow and leisurely
  2. Extend your reach of kisses
  3. Time for a pleasant bite
  4. The key use of your tongue
  5. Caress your partner with passion
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The first thing to keep in mind is that to give passionate kisses it is very important to know how to kiss well beforehand since sensual kisses require a little more technique. Now, do you start to feel like you’re not an expert kisser? Continue reading this article to make yourself more confident and comfortable.

How to kiss passionately to stimulate your desires?

1. Start as a layman, make it leisurely. ?

The passionate kisses are always going from less to more, so you should always start with small kisses without tongue and lip brushes. These types of innocent-looking kisses are very exciting because they stimulate desire and imagination, in addition to making the environment warm little by little.

2. Extend your reach of kisses ?

Once you’ve started to brush your lips, don’t just focus on that area, but kiss other parts as well. The neck and ears are erogenous zones for both men and women, so if you want to give real passionate kisses, do not forget to also go through these strategic points. Here we leave you a couple of articles that will help you to know the different erogenous zones that you can stimulate.

3. Kiss passionately with a pleasant bite ?

The time is coming to make the temperature rise, so start biting and gently sucking on your partner’s lips, this is a perfect prelude to unleash all the sensuality of passionate kisses and get both of you excited by a million. Of course, remember to do it very gently so that it is really pleasant instead of painful.

kiss with passion, make love and smooch

4. Role of your tongue in a passionate kiss ?

Now gently introduce your tongue little by little, never in a violent way or it could be unpleasant for the other. With your tongue inside, begin to kiss gently and increase the rhythm little by little as the moment demands it. Kisses and rubbing will make you both feel aroused so almost involuntarily you will want to kiss more intensely. It is here where all that passion that they have repressed with friction and gentle kisses will begin to unleash. Do not hesitate to use your tongue to lick the lips and neck of your partner, show him with your mouth how much you want him.

5. Kiss passionately but don’t forget to caress your partner too ?

To finish explaining how to give passionate kisses, we want to emphasize that there are no passionate kisses without caresses, so do not hesitate to touch your partner in all those areas that you know he enjoys. Caresses are one of the most powerful and important stimuli in a couple, as well as a great way to show all your passion.

Follow these tips and give him/her the most passionate and sensual kisses in the world, sure that you will both enjoy it to the fullest. In addition, here you can find several Tips for a night of passion, you will surely love them!

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