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10 plants that will bring love to your home

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Flowers and plants have been synonymous with love and harmony for many years, but there are many plants that not only represent it but can also help you attract it into your life. First of all, we must bear in mind that the position of the pots in the garden must be in the cardinal point of the east since it is the one that represents love, family and health. Remember that for feng shui all plants that bloom are good for attracting love, and it is believed that those that have bright colours are much more effective and once they bloom if you want to cut them, you can place them in different vases within the spaces. most used in the home to transmit this energy.

Hibiscus or Chinese rose. The appearance of Hibiscus in the house prophesies soon passionate love.

Violet. In the house where this flower grows, there are fewer quarrels. Also, many consider this flower a symbol of eternal love.

Spathiphyllum (also known as “Women’s happiness”). Bringing this plant into the house, single people will definitely find their soul mate. Young married couples who are thinking about a child will soon have a replenishment. “Women’s happiness” always brings mutual understanding and love to the house.

Hoya (wax ivy). In some countries, such a variety of Hoya as Kerry is given on February 14 as a “valentine”. It most favourably affects family happiness if it grows in the bedroom.

Myrtle. This plant will help make your marriage successful and bring peace and happiness to an adult family. In many countries, this plant is considered a good gift for newlyweds.

Aichrizon. In the people, it is called the “tree of love” or “tree of happiness”. As the name implies, it brings happiness and love to the house.

Calathea. This plant is considered a symbol and keeper of domestic happiness.

Chlorophytum. People say that this plant brings peace and happiness to family life. And it cleans the air in the room like a vacuum cleaner.

Oxalis (Oxalis). If you need to find your love or save your family, be sure to plant Kislitsa at home.

Anthurium (“Male happiness”). This plant brings happiness and success in love, and men – “male power”.

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