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How to determine if the guy wants to make love with you

By what signs can you determine that a guy would liked to make love with you and go on to develop an intimate and successful relationship

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By what signs can you determine that a guy would liked to make love with you and go on to develop an intimate and successful relationship

Men are designed in such a way that their orgasm does not mean at all that they are having great sex. There are several verbal and non-verbal signs that will tell you how good a lover they are; and if they are seriously interested to make love with you.

He talks about it

If after sex the guy himself begins to discuss how much he liked your act, then most likely he is not lying. This may not happen immediately; but after a couple of days, when he will scroll through the memories of you in his thoughts.

At the same time, you should not ask your partner questions about how much he liked sex. In this case, the guy may well lie to not offend you.

If you didn’t wait for such words, but you continue to communicate, you can initiate the conversation yourself by praising the man’s sexual abilities. But do not praise the guy too much, he may consider such speeches flattery and be disappointed in you.

Watch out for the facial expression after making love

It will say much more than a thousand words. If after intercourse, the guy leans back on the pillow and freezes with a happy, relaxed expression on his face, then most likely your closeness brought him a lot of pleasant emotions.

You just don’t have to wait for a happy facial expression at the moment when the guy is trying to finish. At such a time, he will be focused on reaching the peak as quickly as possible; while he may appear very thoughtful or even embittered. In no case do not take it personally, perhaps the guy just hasn’t had sex for a long time.

The guy is ready to make you happy several times in a row

Not every man has such pressure, but some can still please a girl a couple of times a night. If sometime after the end, the guy is again in full combat readiness; while he has a persistent erection, then we can say about you that you are a very hot little thing.

However, not every man is able to have sex several times in a row. If he did not have a desire to make you happy again, perhaps the fault is not in you, but in the features of his body.

Not in a hurry to get out of bed

If after sex a man is in no hurry to leave you, but lies next to you, tries to have some kind of conversation or just silently hugs you, then he does not want to part with you. Most likely, because sex with you left him a favourable impression. In addition, you can cause him deep sympathy, which has just been confirmed by high-quality intimacy.

The guy asks if you were satisfied

If a young man during sex does not worry about whether you have enjoyed it, then most likely his plans do not include continuing to communicate with you, or he is a complete egoist who is only interested in his own person.

A man who cares about you will want to please you before he cums.

By what signs can you determine that a guy would liked to make love with you and go on to develop an intimate and successful relationship

He wants to touch you

Touch helps us express our feelings beyond words. Such intimacy is important not only during intercourse but also after it. If at the end of sex, a young man continues to touch, stroke, and kiss you; then you obviously evoke pleasant emotions in him, which means that your sex was a success.

If the guy has prominent eye contact with you while making love

Not all guys are notorious scoundrels, able to lie without looking away. If after sex the partner does not look into your eyes, which you did not notice before, and seeks to look away, then most likely the matter is not clean. Perhaps your sex made a painful impression on the guy, and he does not understand how to get rid of you as quickly as possible; forgetting about your date as if it were the worst dream.

If you notice a clear change in his behaviour, then you should bring him to an honest conversation. In this case, at least you will save yourself from unnecessary hopes.

Sounds and how vocal is he during the time of making love with you

Not all guys use sound during intimacy. Someone has sex in silence; afraid to squeeze out an extra sound, but at the same time, you can still hear the guy’s rapid breathing, sniffling, and even a couple of moans that will break from his lips against his will. In this case, we can conclude that the guy is pleased with what is happening.

If, during intercourse, he does not drop a single breath, then either the man has steel restraint or sex with you is a rather boring undertaking.

He talks about the next meeting

Before you wonder if your partner liked your intimacy, look at how he behaves after sex. If he knows when you can see each other again and is interested in your free time, then he really enjoyed the night with you.

It is only important to focus not on the words that the guy said before sex, but on what was said after. If before intimacy he sings like a nightingale; thinking about what your future children will be called, then you should not take such behaviour seriously. Perhaps in this way, he seeks to ingratiate himself with you in order to drag you into bed.

Listen to what the guy says after intercourse. If he disappears almost immediately, without arranging a further meeting or call, then you should not hope that he received tremendous pleasure from the night of love with you.

He makes himself known

Situations can be different; the guy does not always have the opportunity to immediately agree on the next meeting, it is also possible that the young man himself doubts what impression he made on you. In this situation, he can slow down a bit, but still, he will not disappear from your path.

A man who wants to repeat an intimate date will call her with a passion, and write, in every possible way reminding her of her existence. At such moments, if you like a person, you should take steps toward him, so as not to show indifference.

You can also call and write to him; even offer meetings, but it is important not to be too persistent so that the initiative in the relationship comes not only from you but also from him.

There are many nuances by which you can judge what impression your sex made on your partner. Depending on how secretive a man is, conclusions can be drawn. If for some reason you understand that the guy did not appreciate your sex, you should not be upset.

Perhaps he is just a shy person who is used to keeping emotions to himself. Try to analyze his attitude towards you; if he has not finished communicating, and continues to write and call you while offering to meet; then undoubtedly you made a good impression on him, which now needs to be reinforced with your right attitude. Don’t be too cold, but don’t run after him either. Wait for the first step from the guy.

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