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Saransh Goila – Chef Turned Entrepreneur

by Vinayak Bansal
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Who doesn’t like to eat his/her favorite dish? No one right! Saransh Goila is one of those who can make your mouth watery just by the sheer fragrance of the dishes he makes. 

Saransh Goila is an Indian chef and social media influencer who earned fame and recognition in 2011 by winning a famous cooking show by the name of Food Food Maha Challenge, a cooking show hosted by Madhuri Dixit. 

Ever since then, Saransh has gone on to become one of the best chefs India has produced.

Let us have a look at who Saransh Goila is and what are some of his achievements.

who is saransh goila

Saransh Goila, an Indian chef and social media influencer who earned fame and recognition in 2011 by winning a famous cooking show Food Food Maha Challenge.

Who is Saransh Goila?

Saransh Goila is a famous Indian celebrity, chef, and social media influencer. He is also an entrepreneur by chance when he came up with the astonishing chicken recipe by luck. 

He is the founder of the popular food chain restaurant “Goila Butter Chicken” which he started in Mumbai and is also the author of the travelogue “India on My Platter” 

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Born on 17th February 1987 in New Delhi, India, Saransh was a foodie since his childhood. He was known by the name “the boy who cooks in the kitchen”, in his childhood days. 

He enrolled himself to study hotel management and while in his college, he found out that he had really good oratory skills. Since he also had a good hand at cooking food and delicious dishes, he decided to take cooking classes. 

It was during this point that he accidentally came up with the recipe for Goila Butter Chicken. This recipe of his has been rated as the best in the world by world-famous chef George Calombaris.


Interesting Facts about Saransh Goila

  1. Saransh’s grandfather insisted that he should become a chef when he grows old. While his mother wanted him to be an engineer.
  2. Saransh was a vegetarian when he was doing hotel management. 
  3. He switched to non-vegetarian only because of the fact that he would have to taste non-veg food also if he wants to become a professional chef. 
  4. At one point in time, he used to weigh 93 kgs.
  5. He has watched close to 5000 movies. 
  6. In 2018, he hosted a web series by the name of “Run to eat”. 
  7. He also started his own YouTube series on his own YouTube channel by the name of “The Spice Traveler”.

Awards and Achievements

  1. He was listed in the Limca book of world records in 2014 for the “longest road journey by a chef”.
  2. He won Food Food Maha Challenge in 2011, which was hosted by Sanjeev Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit. 
  3. Saransh Goila has also won “India ka Super Chef”. 
  4. He also has a YouTube channel of his own, which has close to 23.5k followers. 
  5. Goila has also been listed in the Forbes list of “Celebrity 100” in the year 2017 at rank no. 100. 

saransh goila

Saransh Goila Net Worth

According to Forbes, Saransh’s net worth is Rs. 1.41 crores in 2019. In 2020, his net worth is reported to be in the range of $1 Million – $5 Million. He is the brand ambassador of Samsung Galaxy, Cinepolis, and Alpenliebe. 

Note: All these numbers mentioned above are according to the sources which we found online. Saransh Goila has not disclosed his net worth to any of the outside sources. 


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