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How to Get Productive Sleep

by Priyanshu Kumar
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Learn the science behind the various sleep cycle of your brain.

Most people who have busy work schedules think that going to sleep is waste of time. Well, it looks like your body is motionless and your eyes are closed. Although, it looks like a waste of time though sleeping could be a very productive thing you could do if you do it with regularity. So how could it be so productive when you’re almost doing nothing? If you have noticed. In Marvel’s Dr. Strange you would have noticed that while sleeping Dr. Strange made his soul being productive.

Lo que aprendimos de Dr Strange - Friki Maestro

It is true working overtime doing the night shift will pay you more. While working at night you can give attention and be productive on other side things.

This type of routine no doubt will give you substantial growth in your income. On the other hand, you will certainly be tired at the same time. Due to tiredness, you will take up to 3 or more than half weeks to regain the rhythm and be productive again. However, these things in the end don’t make a point at all.

If you look at the science behind sleeping you will find out that sleeping is the most productive thing you can do in the whole day.

Science behind Sleeping

While we are sleeping our body is turned off but not our brains. During the full night of sleep of 7 to 9 hours, our brains transition between a three-phase cycle of sleeping. Each phase is of 90mins.

How sleeping is productive-magDigit.comEach phase of 90 mins consists of different compositions of Light Deep and Rem Sleep. In the first 90mins of our sleep, our brain is in Deep sleep, and in the second cycle our brain is in more Light Sleep, and in the last cycle, it is in the REM cycle. So, what is the function of these various phases and how does it help us to be more productive?

The function of the Deep Phase.

In this phase, you think of the brain as taking notes of all the things you have done in your daytime. During the day your brain has collected notes. These all notes then store in a notebook that notebook is known as Hippocampus

This hippocampus is responsible for storing all the data but for a temporary period. During the Deep phase, your brain starts organizing all the data into a more permanent space of the brain. The brain organizes all the data into their specific permanent places from a temporary place, the hippocampus.

Brain organizes all the data during deep sleep. magDigit.com

Suppose the data as notes that the brain takes during the day and during deep sleep, the brain organizes them into their permanent places.

Now the first cycle of your sleep is more of deep sleep where your brain organizes all the data.  However, if you miss out first sleep cycle. It would lead to not storing properly all the hard work notes you collect that day. 

It means going to sleep late then you will give your brain less chance to store the things you did that day. There is a chance that those data could be lost forever because right after Deep Sleep there is Light Sleep.

The Function of Light Sleep.

The light phase is more like cleaner. It cleans out all of the leftovers that your brain thinks are not necessary to store. In other words, you didn’t care about all. Light sleep prepares the hippocampus for the next day because after waking up all day long. Your hippocampus is full of data so during light sleep the brain cleans it off and prepares it for the next day.

That is the reason why most teachers professors or students tell you to learn new things in the morning because that is when your hippocampus is all clean and ready to keep up with the new data.

Now if you wake up too early you lose out on the second and last phase. Where your brain is in the light phase and cleaning out your hippocampus. you risk it to clean it properly and end up not understanding new things next and losing focus.

The REM Sleep Phase.

Moving on to the last sleep phase of our sleep cycle and the most important. In REM Sleep your brain is making connections in all and new data that you have stored. Why this phase is important because in this phase. Your brain is trying to relate all the data with old data so that makes sense. During REM sleep all the bi-directional linking is made and new connections are established.

How rem sleep leads to a productive sleeping cycle

A reason why most mathematicians, and scientists with vivid dreams. Waking up with new solutions to problems and discoveries. It is the REM phase that helps people wake up with new ideas and breakthroughs in their fields.

Conclusion and Recap.

In recap, we get to know that

  • Deep Sleep helps to store and organizes data in their permanent places.
  • Light Sleep works as a janitor and cleans up all the leftovers and prepares your brain for the next day.
  • Rem Sleep helps you understand all the new info and make new connections with old Data.

In conclusion, If you don’t get a full night’s sleep you will miss out on any of the important phases. End up getting nothing stored in your brain and being less focused. So it is important to get full 7 to 9 hours of sleep you be more productive.



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