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10 tips to get your partner back on top

That sexual apathy is the great enemy of the relationship, the one that extinguishes the flame and the one that can mean that tomorrow, perhaps, your partner is no longer there or you have left before. Even if you're still sitting on the couch.

by Pradip S.
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10 tips to get your partner back on top

When we start a relationship it is usually quite easy for the desire to be activated. The novelty, the motivation and the shot of neurotransmitters and hormones make us believe that it is something magical and flows by itself.

But desire is built, and what we were not too lazy to do before now requires a terrible effort. “Total, if tomorrow he will also be here and today we are so tired”, we thought. Sounds familiar to you, right? Conclusion: we stop getting to 1,000.

That sexual apathy is the great enemy of the relationship, the one that extinguishes the flame and the one that can mean that tomorrow, perhaps, your partner is no longer there or you have left before. Even if you’re still sitting on the couch.

And it is that resting on our laurels, sexually speaking, takes its toll. But, what to do if we no longer feel that shot from the beginning? If your sexual creativity is usually conspicuous by its absence, don’t worry, I’ll offer you some ideas here.

1. Game of looks. The look is a great libido activator. With it, you can transmit your hottest fantasies and ‘warm up the atmosphere. If you are not used to doing it, go slowly because, otherwise, your partner may think that something strange is happening to your eyes and, instead of getting excited, he will be scared.

He begins by observing parts of his body with a slight sideways smile and ends in his eyes, keeping his gaze fixed for a while. How long has it been since you looked each other in the eyes mischievously? It may not take you straight to the climax but it will pave the way. It’s a matter of attitude.

2. Intense kissesMost couples who have been together for many years substitute long, moist and deep kisses (type ‘french kiss’) for the affectionate and boring ‘pecks’ of greeting or farewell. Surprise and kiss again as at the beginning of the relationship. And, how about including some playful mosquitoes?

3. With the desire. This is how you are going to leave your partner when you are going to give him one of those endless kisses and leave him halfway. The idea is to make him the cobra, you know, throwing his head back so he can’t touch you with his lips, or the owl, something similar but turning his head to the side like an owl. There is nothing that puts more than an undelivered kiss. Of course, do not abuse, it will end in anger and it is not a plan.

4. Eat me! There are several options here: cook creating sexy shapes with a lot or a little cinnamon, depending on how you want to give more or less heat. Or directly…, be you the plate!

5. Sex swingIf you want to surprise and you are looking for something new, swing! Get a sex swing, secure it with the door follow the instructions and have a great time. Unforgettable, no doubt.

6. Lingerie on. The time has come to innovate. Dress up a little, not excessively, but enough to wake your partner up and wonder… What does he want? It will be clear to him when he sees you taking seemingly unkempt walks at home in a wonderful set of suggestive lingerie.

7. Creative hair removal. If so much walking raises the temperature, removing that lingerie could reveal an art under the lace. Whether you are a man or a woman, shave or retouch your pubes (or your partner’s) creating some nice shape. Bet on a heart, a star, a flower or a lightning bolt.

8. Putting hand. Many couples stop touching over time. How about you resume physical contact, both outside and inside the bed? Launch into the caresses. That touch is a very good ally!

9. Tie Me Up! If you want a little more going and you have never blindfolded or tied your hands, do not wait any longer. As long as it consents and you use toys suitable for these games. It is not worth doing experiments with the clothesline or the plaster of the medicine cabinet. It is better to play it safe and let us advise you in an erotic shop.

10. Melted. If in summer we play with ice or ice cream, here it will be the ‘Brazilian balls’ that melt. It is a very innovative feminine lubricant, very similar in appearance to traditional bath oil pearls, but which melt with body heat.

If with this you definitely don’t get a thousand…

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