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These are the 80 fun questions that work with a girl you like

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These are the 80 fun questions that work with a girl you like

When you like a girl and you want her to think of you, it is best to make her laugh. There are some fun questions that work with a girl by putting her in a good, positive mood to spend time with you. Just keep reading and find your question.

Make her laugh a lot by joking or doing crazy things. If you really like her, it’s worth finding good ways to make her laugh. There are good questions you can ask your friend who you like and make her fall in love with you.

Let’s see some funny questions for a girl you like and want to make her fall in love with:

1.- Ask at the right time to make her laugh

The first thing you should be interested in to make the girl you like fall in love with is your sense of humour. Women adore men who make them laugh. She won’t stop thinking of you positively.

Memorize any of the following questions that you like and go find that girl. Create the right moment, ask, and let the laughter grow and the snorts resonate.

1.- What would you spend 10 dollars on right now?

2.- If someone throws a cake in your face, what flavour would you like?

3.- Do you like where the toilet paper is in your house?

4.- If you were a man for a day, what is the first thing you would do?

5.- What stuffed animal would you like to sleep with?

6.- What is your greatest pleasure that you feel guilty about?

7.- If your life were a soap opera, what would it be called?

8.- If you could only use a broom or a skateboard to travel, which would you use?

9.- If you had a motorcycle, would you take me in the back?

10.- Do you still remember the biggest joke you made on your friend?

2.- Fun questions that work with a girl

Laughter is one of the many things that help fuel relationships. So consider the following fun questions to make a girl fall in love.

When you are with her at no time lose the spark to make her laugh. Remember that the following questions are to help you light the spark. We support you.

11.- Do you think a bald man is handsome?

12.- If you were a supervillain, what scandalous act would you commit?

13.- What do you prefer to go out with the boy you like, sneakers, heels or flip-flops?

14.- What would you think if an unknown girl invited you to drink?

15.- What do you like to buy when you go to the pastry shop?

16.- If you wanted to get a strange body piercing, where would it be?

17.- What dessert best describes your personality, why?

18.- If your love life could be described in a breakfast, how would it be?

19.- Do you still remember a shameful moment in public?

20.- Have you ever gone to the cinema with great expectations and left disappointed?

3.- These funny questions for girls worked for me

Jokes go better with men, on the other hand, women like chatter better. This is why these funny questions that work with a girl will make her talk or at least imagine and laugh.

21.- If your best friend dresses as a pirate, what would you wear?

22.- How would you try to survive in a zombie apocalypse?

23.- If your house is full of ghosts, would you try to make friends with one of them to be at peace?

24.- If the boy you like were your favourite pizza, what ingredients would you add?

25.- What do you prefer to drink when you go out alone, hot chocolate or whipped cream?

26.- What food would you like to smell for a day of challenges?

27.- Do you still eat your favourite cereal when you were a child?

28.- Imagine that a cartoon character kisses you, what would it be?

29.- Is there an animal you talk to?

30.- With how many pairs of shoes would you like to travel the world?

4.- 10 fun questions to ask a girl you like

With these questions, you will make her relive humorous experiences. You can also put yourself in a funny hypothetical situation. When she discovers humour, her laugh will be more authentic.

All you have to do with these fun questions to ask a girl is finding the right opportunity. For that, fill yourself with optimism and grace.

31.- Are there at least five things that you always have with you? Which are?

32.- What is the last romantic dream you can remember?

33.- Would you like to travel somewhere in the world exclusively for its food?

34.- If you had to have a 2-litre drink, what would it be?

35.- What would a man have to do to make you feel irresistible?

36.- Is there any food that you consider your mortal enemy?

37.- Have you ever been attracted to the pizza delivery man?

38.- If the girlfriend of the boy you like has something between her teeth, would you tell her?

39.- If you were a professional wrestler, what would your name be?

40.- Which Harry Potter character would you join?

5.- Love begins with a good mood, always

To start falling in love with a woman, all you need is to imagine yourself very happy. With these fun questions that work with a girl, she will not only imagine but will feel that she is happy.

Talking in a different way with a girl makes her pay more attention to you. Thanks to the humour that she discovers herself, you will ignite the spark so that she is attracted to you.

41.- There is a squirrel and a panda, which one would you hug and then kiss the other?

42.- If a guy asks you out on a date, what would you encourage him to accept, with a long beard, a short beard or a shaved one?

43.- Have you ever wished that Santa Claus was real?

44.- With which famous person would you like a staring contest?

45.- Have you ever resolved a disagreement by playing rock, paper and scissors?

46.- Have you ever prepared dinner and everything went wrong?

47.- At school, what gave you the most problems?

48.- If today you had permission to hit a person in the face, who would it be?

49.- When you were a girl, who did you want to be when you grew up?

50.- Have you ever thought that elephants are bigger than the moon?

6.- Humor is essential to awaken love

These fun questions to ask a girl work to make her fall in love because they put her in a good mood. When you are with a girl you like, take things with a lot of humour.

When you get a girl in a good mood, you predispose her to physical affection. In this way, she opens up to her sensuality and begins to be more accessible.

51.- Have you ever done something at school that now seems ridiculous to you?

52.- What is your favourite way to eat French fries?

53.- What was your reaction the first time you saw a clown?

54.- How would you feel if you found out that the boy you like eats cats?

55.- If you could be a celebrity for one day, which would you be?

56.- Is there some kind of bear that you think is very sexy?

57.- What are some things that you enjoy so far since you were a child?

58.- What is the song that when you listen to it you cannot stop singing?

59.- What do you do with your slippers, untie yourself or just take off?

60.- Do you have moments when you prefer to watch the Disney channel?

7.- Good humour in the couple awakens passion

Having fun and laughing about the same things together is very important from the beginning of a relationship. That is the point of these funny questions to meet a girl you like.

When a man manages to put a woman in a good mood, he has a better chance of successfully falling in love with her. So pick your funny questions that work with a girl.

61.- If you were in wild Africa, what animal would you like to be to have an adventure?

62.- Have you ever tried to put on makeup using your cell phone as a mirror?

63.- Have you ever felt that a Disney prince was very passionate?

64.- If you were asked to play a character from The Simpsons, which one would you choose?

65.- If you had to shave your head, how would you go out, with a hat, wig or bald head?

66.- What songs do you do as you play the guitar?

67.- Has your best friend’s boyfriend ever done something that made you fall in love?

68.- What do you prefer in a marathon, running with your shoes full of jelly or your hair dirty with oil?

69.- What is the application that you would never delete from your phone?

70.- Imagine that they prohibit the consumption of chicken in your city, how would you smuggle chickens?

8.- They all happen to us or we are witnesses of a funny thing

Thanks to these funny questions to meet a girl she will remember funny things from her past. That way you will get a memory of her to help you to be more receptive.

71.- What excuse would you give the policeman if he stops you from speeding?

72.- You have three questions to ask a mermaid, what would they be?

73.- What types of videos do you like to see on YouTube over and over again?

74.- What song would you like to sing with a famous musical group?

75.- Can you show me your best wolf howl looking for fun?

77.- What is your favourite everyday outfit?

78.- How sexy would you like to be for the boy you like?

79.- You meet a giant spider, what do you do, step on it or run away?

80.- Do you think male turkeys tell females, I would like to ruffle those feathers?

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