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Why you should travel at least once or twice a year

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Travel as frequent as possible

Not just once but probably we need to escape the routine more than once a year

It is not only about highlighting the best destinations in the world to visit, but you also have to give reasons why it is good and healthy! To travel recreationally at least once or twice a year, wherever you may be.

They say that for their health, people should go out with their friends at least twice a week. Even the doctors will recommend you to travel as frequently as possible to keep yourself in mental peace. We believe that to that we must add that for good, or rather excellent health, you should also travel – either with friends, partner, family or alone – at least once or two times a year.

You should travel at least once or twice a year


Why …?

Because when you travel not only do you relax and break the routine and you are much more willing to open your mind, you also live together and get to know other cultures, their customs, their language, their history. And, those are the things that although you could read in books -or much faster- Google it to soak up knowledge. You can not compare these discoveries if enjoyed with the first-person experience in your physical presence. There is nothing like something totally unknown catching your attention and go and discover it yourself, feel it, smell it, look at it, taste it and listen to it, just be it.

You can Google the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia and being amazed at its beauty in a photo will never be the same as seeing its majesty from the front and discovering why it is considered the largest religious construction in the world.  You can put your fingers on a screen and search places but that is not going to help improve your mental health. The same if you look for Petra, in Jordan, and discover that it is one of the oldest cities, located in the desert with impressive stone constructions, but if you visit it live you will realize that no photo does justice to the imposing of those buildings and their colours.

Historic places to travel

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Because it is not the same to share an article that says “5 places you must visit before you die“, to share the experience of having already visited certain places and being able to recommend yourself to people what to do, where to eat, how much to spend, and about everything to appear in the photos! and to be able to explain what is seen in them, but mainly remember what that experience left you.

You should put yourself present at the places rather only using your fingers to browse the places on the screen

Traveling gives you a topic of conversation, makes you more independent and at the same time changes the way you see life; Because what if on your next trip you realize that you liked Vang Vieng in Laos so much, that you would like to live in it, and you decide to look for a job right there? How about you fall in love with someone on your visit to the Mont Saint Michel in France and decide to start a new life there or anywhere else in the world? What if you realize that life can be short and decide to spend the rest of your time travelling? What happens if you return with a new perspective and you finally decide to get away from all that does not do your existence good? Or simply and quietly, would you mind returning from a trip being happier?

Also, nothing may happen and you just come back with a new experience and the rest of having been in a new place, but that is amazing too! And definitely, doctors should prescribe it at least once a year.


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