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The word “fuck” is not the most pleasant sound and causes certain associations

Someone unpleasant, and someone, on the contrary, interest and excitement. What is so special about this word?

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The word "fuck" is not the most pleasant sound and causes certain associations


The era of video salons brought the word “fuck” to the CIS countries around the 80s and 90s. At that time, not only films for adults were actively distributed, but also ordinary films full of erotic scenes.

Whenever the term “German cinema” appears somewhere, the association is always the same: a porno film. So the word “fuck” is an ordinary tracing paper from the German language. Namely: bumsen. Which translates as “strongly hit something on something.”

During friction, the bodies hit each other, and therefore such a word is quite suitable. But there is also a simpler translation “to have sexual intercourse.” There is no need to reinvent the wheel here.

Russian translators of that time did not bother much and translated it as “fck” or “fck”. The meaning is the same. “Fuck” means to hit hard and with a crash.

And so the word stuck. Short, simple and, like, censored. But, nevertheless, for someone, it seems like a rude option to “have sex.”


“I don’t make love. I’m fucking. Tough,” said Christian Gray from the acclaimed film “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Indeed, the difference is obvious to many. One action takes place at the level of animal instincts, and the second is feelings, emotions and long preludes.

But there are those who do not put any sense in “fuck” Just a word that can be shortened to “have sex.”

However, on a subconscious level, the differences nevertheless took root. They consist of the following:

Knowing each other.

More often, when partners enter into an intimate relationship for the first time, they may feel awkward and feel as if they are not at ease. Some time must pass to get to know each other, to find the most erogenous zones on the body.

But if there is love chemistry between partners, then everything can go well the first time. This chemistry happens on a subconscious level, and it is she who gives clues on how to please each other.

Having sex or just fucking is to perform a physical act without really thinking about feelings, often not experiencing a spark, not caring much about the feelings and sensations of a partner. Your own satisfaction is your priority.

Stretching preludes.

Foreplay is not just when you are already naked in the bedroom kissing each other. It all starts much earlier – with flirting. When two people meet and begin to feel sympathy, there is also sexual tension between them. This is considered a love prelude.

In this case, the partners are in no hurry to move on to sex, they enjoy the moment and stretch out the love game, enjoying every moment of ordinary meetings.

Sex is just an act. If there is no this slow foreplay, then there is no desire to please each other and give real pleasure. The chemistry of love is the desire for intimacy. Not only physical but also emotional.

The presence or absence of obligations.

Some people think it’s impossible to just have sex without falling in love and developing a relationship. But what happens without any feelings for each other is the usual desire to satisfy sexual hunger, to close the natural need.

But if two people are attracted to each other, find it attractive, then they try to get the most out of it. When feelings are connected to sex, it already ceases to be just a mechanical act. There is a chemistry of love.

Relieve stress.

Sex is not always based on romantic impulses. Often people do it to get rid of the boiled, to throw out energy. They make it as easy as having a drink at the end of the workweek or going to a noisy party after being at home for a month.

Sex is an ordinary action, and love is impossible without emotions. There is no question of any love if a person has sex without thinking about his partner. “Fuck and run” is a great way to relieve stress by satisfying your own selfish desires.

Reaching orgasm.

In some people’s minds, orgasm is associated with love. But an orgasm is a physiological release, a passion that binds the body and elevates it to the pinnacle of pleasure. But there is no direct connection with such a high and subtle feeling as love.

Orgasm is one of the components of sex and its logical conclusion. But, if there are feelings and love between people, then the passion will be deeper. Communication occurs at the level of souls. And the orgasm in this case will be perfect and will give the effect of an exploding bomb.

Real emotions are harder to experience if there is no spiritual passion between partners, but only physical.

Mutual desire to please.

Love endows a person with selflessness. She awakens the desire to please her partner not only physically, but also emotionally. It nourishes and energizes from within.

Partners who are in love with each other are more attentive, affectionate, sensual and open to a partner. They are in no hurry to rip off each other’s clothes as soon as possible. The priority is the enjoyment of the moment and the desire to satisfy the beloved.

F*cking is to jump on each other quickly, finish quickly, and go home quickly. Got rid of the aching desire in the lower body and said goodbye. Such an act cannot be called making love.


If you do not put any humiliating or other negative meaning into this world, then it will remain just a synonym for “have sex”, “make love”, etc.

And to make this process perfect, you need to follow simple rules:

Less serious.

Yes, sex is important. It has a positive effect on health. But if you try to achieve perfection in it, plan, lay fresh sheets, then the element of the game will disappear and passion will dull. There is no need to be too demanding of each other. Just have fun.

Don’t forget the preludes.

For sex to be of the highest quality, you need to warm up to each other well. Both emotionally and physically. Seduce each other and pay attention to erogenous zones.

Make eye contact.

When you look into each other’s eyes, a stronger connection is established between you, which means that arousal intensifies. Passion reaches its highest point, and pleasure becomes much greater.

Feel free to talk about sex.

To get the sex of your dreams, you need to talk about it. You already share a bed, so discussing intimate moments should not be embarrassing. You are close enough, and therefore such conversations will only benefit.

Connect experiments.

Don’t let your intimate life go out. Try what is interesting, add new attributes to sex. And be sure to talk about your desires.

Whether you fuck like Christian Grey, or make love like the teenagers from 3 Feet Above Heaven, it doesn’t matter. Do it with passion and pleasure, naming it whatever you want.

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