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Content that Converts with Readers, 10 Points To Remember

by Pinaki Chakraborty
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10 content marketing strategies that converts well

Want to learn some interesting mechanism to write content that converts? Follow this article to learn more.

If you really want to make the content that converts, is more engaging, user friendly and inviting then you need to remember the 10 points you will soon learn in this article!

Content is an evergrowing art. Not everyone is capable of writing something that will speak to the readers as well as prompt them to follow your blog on social media platforms.

Let’s start the ‘read’ show then, here are the 10 points to remember while writing the content that resonates with readers.

1. Catchy Headlines

Well, a catchy headline can bring you double traffic. Therefore, make sure that the blog or article you are writing has a magnetic headline. A captivating headline will draw the attention of content readers within seconds.

2. Interesting Subheading

Subheading makes your content interesting as well as makes the blog easy to read. Also, a keyword-friendly subheading can make the content way more visible to every search engines!

3. Play with Words

Now we are getting on the topic! Simply tell a story while you writing your content. Start with the introduction, then go for the information, and end the article with a conclusion.

4. Punctuate Properly

Well, you need to divide the mass of your words using full stops, colons, commas, and dashes. Though remember if you are not sure about the uses of punctuation, then use short and crisp sentences.

5. Internal Cliffhanger

Cliffhangers are used to make things more interesting! Provide a proper cliffhanger that will encourage the readers to read more.

6. Use Image

As you know, visually appealing images will attract the attention of more readers. Also, it will be great fun to read if you use images to break up lengthy content.

7. Perfect Font Size

Choose a proper font size while writing content. Remember tine fonts are tough to read online by mobile or desktop. Make your fonts are a little bigger and user-friendly.

8. Bold Text

Make sure to grab your readers attention by using bold text in your posts. But remember to write bold text strategically. Do not write an entire paragraph in bold. It will look like a mess and will make the blog uninteresting.

9. Incorporate Tags

You need to showcase the purposes of your content. Therefore, you need to incorporate better tags in your article. A proper tag will help you to gain more traffics.

10. Close in Style

Always end the content with proper style. Remember to wrap up your content in an exciting way so that the readers feel associated with it. Use a few words only to make your ending.


A nicely written piece of content will stand out from the crowd. Also, the content will decide how long will it stay on the internet.

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