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Why Marigolds are enviably popular among gardeners

Due to their unpretentiousness and high decorativeness, marigolds are enviably popular among gardeners.

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Why Marigolds are enviably popular among gardeners

Caring for marigolds is a pleasure. They will please the lush flowering of buds with the most minimal care.

Although a site of any illumination is suitable for effective growth, the most beautiful bushes will be on the sunny side of the flower bed.

Some effective ways to take care of your Marigold

Regular watering is not necessary, because the plant is drought-resistant, but with a lack of water, the appearance will suffer, and the lower leaves will dry out. Overflow will cause stagnant moisture and rotting of the roots and stem.

In rainy summers, when slugs and snails breed well, care must be taken especially painstakingly. These pests, which draw fragrant juices from the buds, are repelled by the smell of bleach, containers that are placed among the flowers, regularly changing the contents. Frequent loosening of the soil will be required to provide ventilation to the roots.

Marigold plantings can be affected by gray rot, which in a few days will turn a luxurious flower bed into a miserable sight. Here drastic measures are required. Affected plants should be uprooted as soon as possible and destroyed by burning on fire.

On dry days, there is a risk of spider mites. To combat it, frequent spraying with water is used.

From the blackleg, before sowing, treat the seeds and soil in the garden with a fungicide, observing the measure.

Dressing the plant and some alteration tips

Topdressing is usually not required, however, if there is a desire, it must be carried out in stages. The first time – upon reaching a ten-centimeter flower length, the second – after the appearance of buds, and the third – during the beginning of flowering. It is especially important to fertilize marigolds growing in the closed ground.

In order for the root system to “breathe”, you should often loosen the soil in the flower bed with a small spatula or cultivator.

If the bush is too bulky or you want to give it an interesting shape for landscape design; you can trim it, doing so will renew and activate growth.

Remove withered marigold buds, avoiding the appearance of seedboxes. Their maturation requires large plant resources, and this will adversely affect the appearance of the flower bed.

Do marigolds grow in your area?

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