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2 Easy Steps to ALWAYS Go Viral by Neil Patel

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Isn’t it silly to write content that no one wants to read? Maybe you started a new YouTube channel, but no one is watching. Worried about how you can go viral with the contents that you created just now?

Well, you don’t have to worry about it. Here’s how to spread your content, ads, videos and marketing with word-of-mouth every time to go viral.

Step 1: Visit Google Trends to see what’s popular. Their homepage shows what reviews are currently widespread. By writing content that is just starting to get talked about, you can ride the wave and increase the chances of your content spreading through word of mouth.

Step 2: Go to Buzzsumo and enter a keyword in the space. Word of mouth has spread the most popular content in your space. Take the main viral piece and create a more detailed version of what worked in Buzzsumo in the past.
For example, if someone wrote “10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy”, you would like to write “101 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy”.

After writing a viral blog post, contact everyone who has shared other similar articles on Buzzsumo and ask them to share the content. Buzzsumo breaks down each person who shares it so you know who to contact.

By doing this, more people will share your content and the probability of it going viral always remains intact.

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