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How to estimate a website development cost

Ballpark estimates can be found on the Web, but they aren't accurate enough to offer you an accurate estimate of the cost. You won't find a clear solution to the question of how much a website cost.

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How to estimate a website development cost

There is no doubt that the power of a great website is propelling your company forward. However, customers are more likely to return to your business if they have a positive first impression.

Websites, as we’ve all come to understand, are incredibly effective marketing tools for organizations of all sizes.

Planning a website development in a budget

Identifying your core aim for the website is one of the first steps in creating a decent web design, which in return will help you reach your primary goal—attracting as many potential clients as possible. So, here are eight of the most popular types of websites in use today.

Website & Blog

In order to keep your customers up to date on the latest news and tips, you may want to consider creating a personal website or instructive web page for your business.

A brochure (Landing web page)

For small businesses, a brochures website is a good option because it provides contact information, an “About Us” page, and the ability to send a query or a “Call to Action” (CTA).

Customers & sales are the primary goals of the website, which has only a few pages. However, certain websites are coming to disseminate the information and the latest developments.


Customers have a better understanding of a company’s core principles by visiting the company’s website. However, they have a lot to do with marketing, and they need to convey a company’s goals and show off its products and services.


The website focuses on online payments for goods and services.

A compound platform or a merchant selling to many customers would be good analogies for the website’s target audience of suppliers. So, a couple of well-known ones are Amazon and eBay, respectively.

Web portal

The informational sites would fall into this category, as they include email, newsgroups, search engines, and a variety of other features. So, Yahoo & AOL are two of the most well-known examples.


If you’re looking for something specific, like real estate, employment opportunities, lodging, or a vehicle to rent, this is the page for you.

The website provides a directory, an extensive search engine, plus feedback & rating systems. However, the most well-known examples of this type of website are probably Airbnb & TripAdvisor.

What to choose to calculate a website development project cost for small businesses –

Hire somebody to create your website if you’re too busy operating your business, and/or IT isn’t your thing. It’s really that easy.

A better understanding of the costs involved in developing a small business site may now be gained by considering the following elements in more detail:

Volume of pages

If a web design company charges $3,500 for a 10-page website, but yours requires 25 pages, how much more will it cost? However, a decent general rule is to add roughly $100 per page to the normal website bundle for each additional page that isn’t already included. So, in this case, it would cost $1,500 to add 15 pages on top of the normal website package’s 10 pages. It now costs $5,000 to add this to the original starting price of $3,500. However, even though every circumstance is unique, it is possible to get an accurate estimated cost based on the industry averages in 2022.

Proper Layout

A template or theme is the foundation of every website. There is no longer anyone who creates a website from scratch. However, that would take an inordinate amount of time and money. Using a theme or template can get you 50-60% of the path there, but you’ll still need to do a lot of unique coding and design work to get your site exactly what you want.

However, the price rises in direct proportion to the level of customization and coding necessary. You can frequently design a quality small business website for $4,000-$10,000 rather than $15,000-$20,000 or more by using themes and plugins.

Custom designs and pictures

You may give the site a one-of-a-kind design by using fancy photos and graphics, but they come at a price. So, if you want to create complex visual effects, you’ll need specialized editing software and the expertise of a custom graphic designer.

A bespoke logo is an attractive touch to any website, although it is not strictly necessary. However, a personalized logo raises the level of trust and reliability. In 2022, expect to pay $500-$1,000 for a decent-looking, professionally produced logo.

What not to choose to calculate a website development project cost for small businesses –

Don’t Make These Expensive Web Design and Development Mistakes –

Faulty Technology

To construct a successful website, you must choose the right theme & plugins. So, the code that has not been thoroughly tested might lead to security issues, incompatibility between the software and the stability of a website. So, stick with established, well-known companies that are constantly tested and supported. Instead of constantly correcting your site or, worse, having to start from scratch, make use of high-quality digital components.

Choosing incompetent employees

Knuckleheads are dangerous because they know just enough to be destructive. Make every effort to thoroughly vet potential employees before bringing them on board.

Inaccurate information and recommendations

This has been the most time- and money-consuming endeavour. Years and tens of millions of dollars have been squandered. Website development and design weren’t always a part of it. SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, Digital Marketing, Corporate Development, etc., are all examples of supplementary activities. The majority of it was marketing bluster that failed to get the desired results. To sum it up, don’t believe everything that seems too wonderful to be true! There aren’t any easy fixes. Success requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Domain and Hosting costs are recurring

In the long run, owning a website is more expensive than the expense of establishing it. If you want your website to perform effectively, you’ll need to host it, keep it up to date, and use SEO blogging to provide regular material.

Let’s take a brief look at how much it costs to run a website –

You need to own your web address if you really want people to believe in your business or brand.

The annual cost of a domain name can range from as little as $2 to as much as $20 or even more in some situations.

If you want your site to be available, you’ll require web hosting. Your website is hosted on a web server. If you need a large server, web hosting might cost anything between $2 to $150 per month.

For the most part, your web agency will assist you in determining the appropriate size of your server, taking into account a variety of factors such as file sizes to be hosted and traffic volumes to be expected, as well as the amount of outage you are willing to tolerate.

Some software that might cost recurring fees (e.g., Live Chat, CRM, Analytics tool etc.)

Consider both the requirements of your company and those of your customers before selecting a live chat service. Every live chat software includes a unique set of features and capabilities. The following is a list of some advice that will assist you in picking the proper live chat system for the organization:

The Lead Generation –

Let’s face it; this item is probably one of the most important characteristics that you will read about on this list. Let’s look at it that way. It is extremely important that you turn prospects who visit your website into paying users as soon as possible once they do so.

And how exactly do you go about accomplishing that with live chat? In order to assist you in locating qualified leads, you make use of software that delivers comprehensive analytics & reports (including shopper profiles and purchase histories).

Integrations, application programming interfaces (APIs), and software development kits (SDKs) –

By choosing a live chat software that provides connectivity with third-party applications, application programming interfaces (APIs), and software development kits (SDKs), you can make the software compatible with any platform you employ. If the live chat software that you use can link with the CRM software that you already have, then your agents will have an easier time tracking activity and will be able to respond in an extremely quick manner.

Intelligently Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) –

Because customers frequently have questions that are analogous to one another and have the potential to become routine in nature, having AI-powered mechanization is essential to making the most of the effort put in by agents. It is possible to utilize an AI-based chatbot for tasks such as greeting customers or referring them to the appropriate agent for problem resolution.

Customizability –

The manner in which various businesses interact with their clients is entirely unique. When choosing live chat software, the flexibility to customize the software should be on your radar as a desirable feature. Your company’s chat will have its own unique characteristics, such as the ability to personalize workflows, automation, and templates, among other things.

Who to hire and how to find the right talent (give Fiverr and Upwork freelancers a shot)

Hire an Outsourcing Firm

Outsourcing agencies charge more than freelancers because they have the necessary experience. However, their fees are significantly lower than those charged by local US agencies.

You will only have to pay $50 per hour if you hire an outsourced designer instead of a US-based one.

That’s why we’re only charging $20,000 for the building of a website that typically takes 500 hours.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an Upwork-Like Website?

Upwork is a website that connects people who want to rent an apartment with those who want to rent out their homes.

As of 2019, the company’s sales are expected to reach 3.378 billion USD, making it one of the largest in the industry.

Upwork, for example, has features such as:

  • API for Google Maps
  • Integrations with third parties
  • Integrated payment system
  • Filtering and searching options
  • a database management system based on PostgreSQL
  • Changing the identity of a user
  • Listing of real estate
  • Between $60,000 and $80,000 is the typical cost of building a marketplace platform like Upwork

Do you know how much a website like Fiverr costs to build?

Freelancer marketplace platform Fiverr was created in 2010 in Israel.

One thing that stood out to both buyers and the media about this product was its affordable cost. All of the platform’s services were available at a starting fee of $5.

Features like these can be found on a platform like Fiverr:

  • Sign-up/sign-in
  • Changing a user’s identity
  • keeping track of the passing of time
  • Tracking of orders
  • Gateways for payments
  • a list of customer testimonials
  • Filtering and searching
  • Dashboard

Integrations with social networking sites

On-demand platforms like Fiverr can cost between $50,000 and $70,000 to build.

Estimates on the Price of a Website's Construction

Calculating the overall projected expenses

The average cost of developing a website ranges between $1,000 (for a tiny business site) to $95,000 and beyond, according to studies (for a complex custom website).

A small company website can be built for as little as $1,000 or as much as $10,000, depending on the specifics.

The cost of building a standard website might range from $100 to $500, depending on your requirements. At the top end, a feature-rich custom website might cost upwards of $30,000.

The cost of building a website can range from $2,500 to $95,000. If you want to build a complex website design, you may have to pay much more money.

There is an upfront cost of $12,000 to $150,000, which covers launching & building the site, as well as regular website maintenance of $35 to $5000 each month—or $400 to $60,000 annually. The following are a few things to keep in mind when estimating how much it will cost to build a website.

The following is the most important takeaway:

As a general rule, the cost of website development depends on the type of website. As soon as your website’s classification is clear, it becomes easy to plan out the functionality and technological characteristics it needs.

The time it takes to create a website can also vary depending on the intricacy of the website, such as the inclusion of animation, which might affect the website’s price.

On MagDigit, we have designed a product that will help small businesses to estimate their Website Development Cost. The product gives our users the chance to handpick the features and services which really matter to them.


Your site is the public representation of your business. Therefore, developing a website that is both visually appealing and functional needs to be your main concern.

If you are serious about growing your company through the use of your website, you will need the assistance of a web development partner who has experience.

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