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24 Proven Strategies to Promote Your Business Today

by Pradip Singh
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24 Proven Strategies to Promote Your Business Today

Unlike giant companies, small and medium-sized businesses do not have huge budgets for advertising and marketing strategies. That’s why small business owners need to be creative, and purposeful and always come up with strategies that are original to promote their own business. Fortunately, there are many things available today that you could only dream of before, and all of this is completely free.

We know 24 proven ways to make your small but great company known to as many people as possible. Read, choose the right ones, and do not forget to bookmark the post – it will come in handy more than once.

1. Make a good business website

Without a website today, you will land nowhere. Everyone can make it – you don’t need to be a programmer or designer for this. Register with Wix, and Shopify, and see that everything is much easier than it seems. You can also consult freelancers on Fiverr and MagDigit.

2. Tell search engines about your business

Send the website URL to Google, Bing, Yandex, and many others. This will speed up the indexing process and ensure high positions in the search results. Make sure your website copy is in compliance with these search engines. Read some effective articles that are available online and apply them yourself on your website.

3. Participate in professional conferences

Share experiences and ideas with an interested audience and draw attention to what you do.

4. Ask happy customers to share your business on social media

Because customer reviews sound much more convincing than your own words. That’s how it’s arranged. Always request your clients and customers to leave a genuine experience review.

5. Strategically launch a mailing list and grow your subscriber base

A mailing list is considered one of the most effective tools for interacting with customers – both existing and potential. Wix and WordPress have a shout-out app designed specifically to send out useful and interesting emails and keep your audience engaged.

6. Work on a short presentation of your business model

Can you clearly describe your business in 30 seconds? If not, we advise you to learn how to do it as soon as possible.

7. Offer free consultations

They help to win the trust of customers better than any advertising and often develop into a pleasant and mutually beneficial cooperation.

8. Send out press releases with news and tell us what’s going on

If you have something to tell the world, write a competent press release and send it to specialized media or blogs.

9. Tag people when you post on social media

Then the entry will be noticed not only by your audience but also by the friends of the person you tagged.

10. Leave reviews for services and platforms that you regularly use

This is beneficial to everyone. The creators of the service need feedback, and you need the attention and interest of other users. Let the world know that you as a business have used some facilities or services and how it had impacted your business.

11. Write guest blog posts related to your business

You can work on your own blog, or you can contact the authors of an already popular resource, write a post for them and thus reach a new audience.

12. Run social media contests

When people enter a competition, they tell their friends and acquaintances about your company in one way or another. If you want to save on prizes, donate something good from your own store or invite the winner to a free service.

13. Connect with LinkedIn

This social network is ideal for finding business contacts, communicating on professional topics and presenting your skills and abilities. If Facebook is an ideal social network for individuals then LinkedIn is considered likewise for businesses.

14. Make a branded signature for business letters

Add your company logo and a link to your website. It encourages people to switch to it, and it looks professional.

15. Start your own vlog

Video streaming is the new content that netizens are very much fond of viewing. In any activity, there are issues that excite literally everyone. You can record videos with answers to them, and share knowledge and personal experience. Try short videos on Youtube Shorts, TikTok, FB and Insta Reels and many more.

16. Use popular hashtags.

When you start writing your next social media post, be sure to check out the list of popular hashtags and use a couple to get noticed by an audience that doesn’t follow you. Also, strategically plan on building a branded hashtag for your business. e.g. #YourBusinessName #YourBrand etc. At MagDigit we help people build brands from scratch and also suggest to you how to market your own branded #hashtags.

17. Don’t forget about the local market.

Follow local news, meet people and participate in events. It may very well be that you will succeed in conquering the local market much faster than the domestic or overseas one.

18. Communicate with clients.

Respect and courtesy work wonders. If you are attentive to customers and ask if they liked everything, they will surely come to you more than once. Stay connected with them and don’t forget to take feedback.

19. Make sure employees are on your side.

Partners, employees, and suppliers can be great brand ambassadors if you can build a good relationship with them. Always make sure that you engage your employees and business partners in building a brand value. You can use your employees’ network to maximize your reach if the employees stand on your side.

20. Sign up for online directories.

The more links to your site in the network, the higher its position in the search results. We recommend registering with various local directories that are available to you in your country. You can simply search these directories on Google.

21. Provide sponsorship and support

Another option for mutually beneficial cooperation. Its essence is that you provide goods with your logo for free for any festival, master class, or video shooting. Even if it doesn’t pay off in the end, people will notice your company name and remember it. This will impact the number of returning customers.

22. Engage in social activities

We don’t mean for Social Networking here, in fact, we meant you to connect in your community socially. This is useful both for your own development and for strengthening the reputation of your business.

23. Make a VIP discount for an exclusive group of customers

Make people feel special and surprise them with a limited offer just for them. Try to capture birthdays and anniversary data and shoot a personalized message to them.

24. Use different communication channels

Yes, everyone is on WhatsApp and Telegram, but in addition to these sites, there are thematic forums and communities that your target audience is likely to visit. Find out where the people you need are available and try to establish contact with them.

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