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How to buy sustainable activewear

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How to buy sustainable activewear

Here’s everything you need to know about buying eco-friendly gym gear and sports clothes. From avoiding virgin synthetics to investing in a microplastics filter.

If you decide to get better this year, consider upgrading your workout gear now. problem? Most activewear is made of virgin nylon and polyester, a plastic derived from fossil fuels, which is devastating to the planet.

Lyst reported a 151% increase in searches for “sustainable activewear” last year, raising concerns for many of us. However, finding eco-friendly gym equipment remains a challenge. “The [but sustainable activewear] market is growing, it’s still much easier to go for non-sustainable options,” Tatiana Cobilina, founder of London-based brand Silou. Is a telling Vogue.

Even the more sustainable options on the market today include a certain percentage of virgin spandex or elastane in their very important range. “You need to use spandex for bras and leggings,” said Quang Dinh, CEO and founder of Seattle-based label Girlfriend Collective. “We are always looking for better alternatives, but we are working to reduce the amount needed for clothing and use the absolute minimum.”

This all means that it is important to reduce the environmental impact of activewear as much as possible.

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