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All about Authorize.net addon for WPForms

How To Create Payment Forms For Authorize.net using WPForms

by Vinayak Bansal
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All about Authorize.net addon for WPForms

Accepting payments online from your eCommerce store is always an essential task if you want to run a successful online store. Often people find it difficult to choose an all in one form with online payment integration. To solve this particular problem WPForms has come up with the Authorizen.Net add-on feature which will now make it easy for you to accept credit card payments on your website itself.

Let us learn more about Authorize.net and how you can integrate it with WPForms for smooth online transactions. 

What is Authorize.Net?

Authorize.net is a payments gateway service provider which helps businesses accept credit card and electronic payments, either online or in person. 

Established in 1996, it has close to 445,000 registered merchants and handles close to $1 billion transactions per year. 

Authorize.net streamlines the online payment processing so that you can focus more on the other important tasks in your day to day business activities.

Now that you know what Authorize.net is, let us explore some of the features of this WPForms + Authorize.Net integration

Features of Authorize.net add-on

Here are some of this amazing add-on:

  1. Easy to set up and get started with 
  2. Can accept online card payments from all major banks
  3. Helps you accept payments anytime, anywhere
  4. Offers options to set up one-time or recurring payments
  5. Offers an additional feature of enabling conditional logic which makes payment forms convert better.
  6. Supports advanced fraud detection 

How To Create Payment Forms For Authorize.net using WPForms

Before we get started with the exact process for creating a payment gateway on WPForms using Authorize.net, make sure that you have installed the latest version of WPForms on your WordPress website

After that, you need to install the Authorize.net addon and activate it. 

Now follow the following steps carefully to fully use Authorize.Net’s latest features with WPForms.

1. Connect Authorize.net with the WordPress Website

First, you need to activate the Authorize.net addon on your website. Once it is done go to WPForms<<Settings and click on the payments button. 

WPforms settings


You can also select and change your desired currency. For that, you need to go to the Currency dropdown and select the currency you want. 

Now, scroll down and head over to the Authorize.net section and fill out your API and transaction key. By doing so you will connect your site with the payment gateway’s account. 

Authorize.Net integration with WPforms


2. Sign in to your Authorize.net account

Before you go ahead and sign in to your authorize.net account make sure you open it in a new tab so that it becomes easy for you to switch back and forth between two sites. 

Need to have an existing account with the payment gateway. If you do not have it just click on this link and create one now.  

After signing in to the account, you need to make sure that your account is in the Live Mode as shown in the image below.

Authorize.Net account is in Live-mode


3. Finding your authorization key

To find the authorization key head over to the settings menu in the left sidebar. 

Authorize.Net account settings


Then click on API Credentials & Keys

Open API Credentials and Keys page in Authorize.Net account


Scroll down and copy the API Login ID. 

Now head over to the WPForms settings page and paste the API login ID.

Add API login id


Now you need to find out your Transaction Key. For that go to your Authorize.net account and go to the Create New Key(s) section. 

Select the obtain button and choose New Transaction Key and then click submit

Create new transaction key


Now follow the next steps which pop up on your screen and copy the generated key to the clipboard. 

Paste the key into the WPForms setting tab and save the changes. 

save the settings


4. Integrate Authorize.net with WPForms

Once all the above-mentioned steps are done, you can add payment functionality to your forms. 

The first step is to edit an old form or create a new form. 

Authorize.Net will only work if you have the following four fields:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Payment items field(Dropdown items, checkbox items, Multiple items or Single item)
  4. Authorize.Net (To collect credit card details)

After adding other desired fields go to Payments>>Authorize.net and select the box next to Enable Authorize.Net payments.

Enable Authorize.Net payments in form


You can now configure other additional options according to your needs.  The list of other options is given below: 

  1. Payment Description
  2. Authorize.Net Payment Receipt
  3. Customer Name
  4. Customer Billing Address

Your form is now ready to go live and accept online credit card payment once you have configured your desired settings. 

The Best Way To Accept Payments Online

There are multiple ways to collect online payments for your online eCommerce store. 

But choosing the best method will distinguish you from your competitors and help you in easing your payment collection tasks. 

Below I am mentioning 5 best ways to accept online payments:

  1. Amazon Payments: This is a drop-in payment method from Amazon which enables you to use Amazon as a platform on your website to collect and process online payments. 
  2. Braintree Payments: A subsidiary of PayPal, Braintree is an all in one payments solution which you can integrate on your website. 
  3. GoCardless: This tool is for UK businesses which helps you to collect recurring debit payments. Instead of collecting payments, this platform allows you to request payments from the customers or payers account. 
  4. PayPal: One of the most popular payment gateways, PayPal offers many different tools which you can use for processing and collecting payments for your online business. 
  5. Stripe: Elegantly built, Stripe offers several payment processing options and handles all of its technical aspects smoothly. 


So that was all about Authorize.Net’s latest integration with WPForms. I hope you might have got a brief idea of how to integrate these two platforms together for better online transactions. 

Feel free to mention your thoughts and queries related to this new release in the comments section below. 

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