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How to Get Microsoft New PC Manager App.

by Priyanshu Kumar
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How to install New PC Manager

Windows 11 recently got a new feature which is a new PC Manager App. This app comes up with further advanced features and functions that can speed up your system. It takes all the prebuilt securities features and speed-up functions and organizes them into one place. Although, you can get this app on your windows PC whether it is running on windows 10 or windows 11. We have listed some features of the new PC Manager App.

Microsoft’s New PC Manager App.

This app comes with two sections at the bottom i.e cleanup and security. In the cleanup tab, the app will show you the memory consumption and bulking up temporary files. However, there’s a boost tab too in that section. This Boost button will help your PC reduce the unnecessary task running in your background and free up your memory for other things. This App will help you a lot if you have a low-end PC. Apart from memory boost and file cleanup, there is a startup app management feature too. Although, this feature allows you to disable or enable the apps which help your pc boot faster.

Microsoft New PC Manager App- How to install. magdigit,com

In the security tab of the PC manager App. You will find all the pre-existed important features organise in one place. Such as Windows Update settings, browser protection, and Windows Security with their live status. This new app simplifies the whole process of cleaning your pc whether you have to delete a large file or reduce the loads.

How to Install it.

Well, it is a useful feature that everyone is willing to install on their desktop. It has some useful feature that helps the user to make their pc more effective and responsive as well as clean in their day-to-day life. However, this app is currently in beta and it is in the early stage which leads to malfunction or crash.

Steps to install New PC Manager App

  1. Go to https://pcmanager.microsoft.com/en
  2. Download the beta version of Pc Manager after that try to run the .exe file as administrator.
  3. The installation file will download and install the app once it is done you can enjoy the app and its new features.




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