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Who is Siddharth Chandekar? The Heartthrob of Marathi Cinema

by Vinayak Bansal
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An actor by profession, Siddharth Seema Chandekar has gained a lot of fame and popularity in the recent past. 

Born in Pune, Maharashtra on 14th June 1991, Siddharth has become quite popular at such a young age. 

He is known for his excellent work in Marathi and Hindi film industry as well as TV serials. 

Because of his good looks and strong physique Siddharth Seema Chandekar is no short of a social media influencer who makes his mark on a lot of youngsters.


All about Siddharth Seema Chandekar

siddharth chandekar

Siddharth Seema Chandekar is quite a renowned name in the  Marathi film industry. Born on 14th June 1991, he did his schooling from D. Katariya High School, Pune. He attended his college and completed his graduation from Sir Parshuram College of Pune. 

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Siddharth’s debut film came when he was just 19 years old. The movie’s name was “Zeda” which was a marathi he started. He did his first lead role in the movie ‘Bavare Prem He”.

His debut Hindi film was “Humne Jeena Sekh Liya”. 

His first Television series was “Agnihotri” which came in the year 2008. In this series he played the role of a “Neil Agnihotri” who was a good looking handsome boy. He quickly became popular among the audiences for his role in this series and ever since then, there is no stopping him from achieving fame and popularity. 


Siddharth Chandekar’s relationships

siddharth's relationship status

As of information available over the net, Siddharth’s first relationship was with a girl named Mugdha Paranjape, who was a MBA student at that time. There were rumors’ that they both dated each other for close to 7 years.  

They then broke up, the reason for which is unknown. 

After that he started dating actress Mitali Mayekar in 2017. They both eventually got married on 25th January, 2019. 


Interesting Facts about Siddharth Seema 

siddharth chandekar

  1. He is known for his roles in marathi and hindi film industry.
  2. He made his acting debut aged 19 with the film Zenda.
  3. His middle name comes from his mother Seema Chandekar. 
  4. Siddharth’s sun sign is Gemini 
  5. Siddharth delivered a hit film in the year 2015, “Classmates”
  6. His favourite actor and actress are Slaman Khan and Alia Bhatt respectively. 
  7. Siddharth’s favourite color is black and he has a strong appetite for homemade food. 


Siddharth Seema Chandekar Charity Work

siddharth charity

It is quite common for famous celebrities and athletes to donate and contribute a part of their earnings in upliftment of the society and Siddhart is no stranger to such things. 

He has donated a lot to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and trusts. 

The one good thing about him is that he has never bragged about or revealed his donations to the outside world. 

But according to Marathibio, Siddharth has done a lot of charity shows and donated a lot to help the people in need. 


Siddharth Seema Chandekar’s Net Worth

Siddharth has never revealed his income to outside sources. Yet there are several sources available online which show that Siddharth’s net worth is close to $5-$10 Million.

It is believed that Siddharth has 2 sources of income. 

His primary source of income is through acting in the film industry whereas his secondary source of income is brands, ads and others. 

Note: The figures mentioned above are just an estimate, Siddharth has never revealed his income to media houses. 

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