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Who is Dananeer AKA Geena and #pawrihoraihai

Ye hamari car hai, aur ye hum hai aur ye hamari pawri ho rai hai. ? #pawrihoraihai

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The #pawrihoraihai video by Dananeer AKA Geena

Dananeer is an influencer from Pakistan who recently gained her fame from one of her videos on Instagram with hashtag #pawrihoraihai. She has been a professional influencer for quite a time and in the midst of everything her recent video with the hashtag #pawrihoraihai a fun-filled 4 seconds video went viral across the nation hitting 5 million direct views on her Instagram post. The video is filmed for only 4 seconds that speak a few lines in Hindi.

Ye hamari car hai, aur ye hum hai aur ye hamari pawri ho rai hai. ? #pawrihoraihai

Very quickly the viral video crossed the border and reached India. Indian media covered the video very widely and extensively making the influencer reach out to the extended world with her viral video. It was a similar show to that of the previously gained fame of wink girl by Priya Prakash Varrier

She is probably now a figure that would start to get video marketing contracts from India and other neighbouring countries as well. The video was shot in Nathia Gali which is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

The moment this video went viral she released more videos in the same theme with the hashtag #pawrihoraihai. Making her followers jump 6 times in the last 6 days from 100k to now 650k and still growing. Most of her followers are happen to be from the Indian subcontinent and Pakistan, mostly from the Hindi speaking region.

While browsing her profiles we learned her full name is Dananir Mobin, she is a 19 years old influencer and a digital content creator and lives in Peshawar, Pakistan. She also describes herself as a decently knowledgeable person in makeup and fashion arts. She also makes videos about mental health. In the Instagram profile, Dananir has given her second name Geena. Apart from this, Dananir is also believed to be a dog lover and does food blogging. Also, she loves painting and singing.

Kyn ata hai seene me from the movie MS Dhoni cover by Dananeer

Dananeer Mobin aka Geena is also seen wearing a Cape Saree in a traditional Indian form

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