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Top 10 Fiverr Services to Make Your Life Easier

Fiverr offers a lot of benefits to business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for high-quality freelancers to carry out specific tasks for them. 

by Vinayak Bansal
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Top 10 Fiverr Services to Make Your Life Easier

Back in 2010, when Fiverr was launched as one of its kind freelance marketplaces, nobody had a clue that it would grow in popularity to such an extent. Now you can hire virtually anyone to do freelance tasks for you through Fiverr services. 

Since there are a ton of Fiverr gigs available online, it might become difficult for you to narrow down on one gig which can actually help you grow your business. 

To relieve yourself from this difficulty I have compiled a list of the 10 best Fiverr services which will make your life as a businessman or entrepreneur easier. 

But first, let me go ahead and explain what Fiverr is and how does it work?

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What Fiverr is and how does it work?

Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects business owners with freelancers from around the globe. 

It is a kind of a two-sided website where freelancers post their services or “gigs” and business owners buy those services in exchange for money

This platform offers over 200 different categories of services and has close to 830,000 freelancers on board.

Now let us understand how Fiverr works in the following 7 key steps:

  1. The seller creates a specific gig aka the premade packaged services, ready to use
  2. The buyer buys this specific gig at rates as low as $5
  3. The buyer has to pay upfront before the order is placed
  4. The upfront stays in escrow with Fiverr until you accept the end product delivery
  5. The seller accepts the order and starts working on the project
  6. Upon completion of the project, the buyer gets his/her work delivered through Fiverr’s platform itself
  7. The seller gets their payment after Fiverr releases the funds from escrow upon your delivery approval  
How does Fiverr work?

Image Source: trusted5freelancesites.com/us

Now before I go ahead and list the best Fiverr services, it is important to understand why you should choose Fiverr in the first place.

Why you should hire a Fiverr freelancer?

Fiverr offers a lot of benefits to business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for high-quality freelancers to carry out specific tasks for them. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a freelancer from Fiverr:

  1. The product and services offered by freelancers are mainly divided into 12 major groups on Fiverr. Each group is further divided into sub-groups. Hence it becomes easy for you as a buyer to filter out and narrow down resources that might be helpful for you.
  2. With a low commission fee and a database of over 7 million users, freelancers prefer Fiverr over other platforms. As a result of this, it is quite easy to find qualified freelancers on Fiverr as compared to any other freelance platform such as Upwork, Freelancer, etc. 
  3. Fiverr offers a transparent experience for the buyers. As it happens, the buyer is able to see the full profile of the seller and get access to stats like ratings, feedback, etc. 
  4. Secured transactions are another valid reason which makes Fiverr a good choice for hiring freelancers. All the transactions done through Fiverr’s platform are safe and Fiverr states that all your personal data protection is confidential and not shared with anyone.

With all being said about Fiverr and why you should choose this platform over others. Let us now find out what are some of the top Fiverr services which you should choose to ease down your workload. 

Top 10 Fiverr services

1. Virtual Assistants

virtual assistant

Image Source: Zapier.com

You can actually find virtual assistants on Fiverr and hire them to carry out some tedious, time-consuming, and otherwise simpler tasks. 

Some of the tasks you can assign a virtual assistant are data entry, file conversion, research, email handling, or organizing your tasks and schedules. 

Furthermore, there are a lot of Virtual Assistance gigs available on Fiverr and you can hire someone at rates as low as $5/hour or even $5/Gig/Services

If you are in search of an ideal VA for all your business needs then try these awesome search filters available on Fiverr for Virtual Assistance Services.

2. Logo Design

Logo designing

Image source: Freepik.com


A logo is one thing that associates with a brand for a lifetime. You need to make sure it is perfect and aligns well with your brand experience and proposition. 

Because of this reason, it is worthwhile to outsource logo designing to a professional in this field. 

Fiverr provides a ton of options for people like you who are looking to get their company logo made.

With prices as low as $5 you can get a free sample logo created for your brand. 

And all you need to do is provide some information about the company and a general logo style. 

The seller will then provide you with a list of sample logos that you can choose and finalize from. 

Are you looking for a creative logo designer for your newly launched brand? Try these awesome search filters available on Fiverr for all your design needs.

3. Website Set-up and Design

Website designing and website setup

Image source: 99designs.com

Website set-up can be a tedious task to carry out yourself. That’s why it is always helpful to hire a website developer who will build and design your website from scratch.

You just need to buy a domain name and hosting, the rest of the work will be carried out by the developer itself. 

There are a ton of Fiverr services available on website design and setup. You can filter out freelancers on the basis of experience and rating and finalize the one which caters to your demands best. 

Do you have headaches thinking about where to get your website made? Who to consult and make a secured deal? Try on Fiverr’s Escrow services, which lets you stay secure and in peace

Read this article before hiring a freelancer and learn more about the best practices to avoid risks. Read More 

4. Business Cards

Business car Fiverr gig

Image source: 99designs.com

Although things might be moving to the online space quite rapidly, yet business cards are one thigh that will never be out of fashion.

Even today during meetups and conferences people exchange their business cards with potential clients. 

You can get your business card made by freelance designers by paying a nominal amount. 

The designer will share some sample templates with you and you can then go ahead and ask him/her to make a custom business card for your company. 

5. Transcription Services

Transcription services

Image Source: Contentech.com

Transcribing a video is a tedious and time-consuming job. You literally have to listen to the whole video and type side by side. 

Fiverr can help you in relieving you of this job. 

You can find gigs on Fiverr where people will transcribe videos for you while you sit around and focus on other important tasks. 

You can find transcription services on Fiverr for prices as low as $5 for 10 minutes.

6. Legal Writing

Legal writing services

Image Source: halt.org

If you want to make legal documents for your products or services which you offer then there are plenty of freelance professionals on Fiverr for this. 

These professionals can write legal documents such as privacy policy, terms and conditions for you.

But make sure that you read and analyse all these documents personally before accepting the final delivery.

7. Resume and Cover Letter Writing

You can easily find resume writers who can edit and supercharge your CV. 

Generally, these service providers will make your resume look presentable which will display your skills and experience professionally. 

If you find that it is difficult for you to write resumes for yourself, you can always hire a resume writing freelancer to do this job for you. 

8. Persona Videos

persona videos

Image Source: freepik.com


Persona videos are a great marketing tool that can be used to reach out to your target audience. 

There are a ton of Fiverr services available in this domain which you can leverage for your benefit. 

9. Scriptwriting

Scriptwriting Fiverr services

Image source: sodapdf.com

Writing scripts for your webinar, IGTV shows, youtube videos etc. requires a lot of brainstorming. 

Fiverr offers a ton of different gigs in this category that can prove to be helpful for your business.

Having said that, it is purely a matter of luck that you find a scriptwriter who matches your wavelength and develops scripts from your perspective.

10. Audiobook Production

audiobook production services on Fiverr

Image Source: Voices.com

Fiverr is the right platform for you if you are looking to produce an audiobook that is developed by a top-notch professional, then

You can find a lot of voice-over artists on Fiverr who can record an audiobook for you based on your requirements.

Fiverr provides a lot of options in this domain and you can find gigs starting from $5 for 1000 words of text.


So these were some of the best Fiverr services which can help make your life easier. 

Now, this is just a small list and there are a wide variety of other gigs available on Fiverr which you can find to be helpful. 

If you are not able to find the ideal gig for yourself, just make go to the search bar on Fiverr and type in your specific keyword. That way Fiverr will show results specific to your query.

What are your go-to Fiverr gigs?

Comment them down below!

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