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How to install a Custom ROM in Your Android Device.

by Priyanshu Kumar
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How to install custom ROMs in your android smartphone.

A custom operating system that can replace your stock ROM on your Android device is formally known as Custom ROMS. All the devices on the market come with their stock operating system.  Stock ROMs don’t contain as many features as a Custom ROM does. A stable Custom ROM can also be capable of replacing your Stock ROMs. Although, they give you the power to customize your device with features and options that aren’t available in the default Operating System. A custom is a customized version of Android based on Android source code. Although, This source code is released by Google every year under Android Open source Program.

This article will guide you through the process of flashing a Custom ROM on your Android device. It will show you how to flash a Custom ROM. What are the basic steps and things that you need during this process?

How to install custom ROMs in your android smartphone.

Some essential things before installing.

Following are the things you need to prepare before installing Custom ROMs on your Android Device.

  • A Windows PC with ADB drivers. You can find the ADB drivers zip file on the XDA site. Simply install it on your PC.
  • An Android Phone with an unlocked bootloader. You can unlock your device bootloader by activating fast boot mode. In fast boot mode, you have to type some commands in cmd. Your device should have been connected to your PC during this process. Command will be available on Xda Forums.
  • A Custom recovery zip file to replace your stock recovery from it. However, the custom recovery will help you to install the custom ROM of your choice on your device. We recommend using TWRP recovery. Again you will find the latest version of recovery on Xda forums.
  • To install custom recovery. Your phone bootloader must be unlocked. Again you have to pass some cmd commands on to install the custom recovery. However, After installing the recovery restart your phone by pressing the volume down and power button. To check the custom recovery.
  • Download the custom ROM zip file from the ROM’s website. Do not extract that zip file. Although every device installation instruction does vary from every device and ROM.
  • GApps file. Not all custom ROM comes with Google Apps. To install essential Google services on your device you need a GApps file.

How to Install Custom Rom.

Step 1 – Take a backup of your device. In case you mistakenly have loosed your data. Although, you can back up your device by google backup through which your contacts photos and call logs, etc will be backed up to your 15GB google drive storage. However, if you don’t have internet so you can create a local backup on your secondary PC or phone.

Step 2 – Download the right Custom ROM for your device. As the custom ROMs are device-specific. Not all Custom ROMs will be supported on your device. You have to find the ROM that is specifically made for your device. However, Many Custom ROMs developers have their official webpage from there you can download the right custom ROMs for your device. You can also search for it on Xda forums and telegram channels.

Step 3 – Download the right GApps Package. Custom ROMs usually don’t come with google services. To use those services you have to download a Google App package from the internet to Sign in with your Google account and use all the google services. However, Many Custom ROMs come with included GApps versions like Pixel Experience, Havoc OS, etc.

Flashing the ROM and GApps zip File.

Step 4 – Copy the Custom ROM zip file and GApps package into your device. 

Step 5 – Boot into Custom Recovery. After copying all the important files to your device. Boot it into TWRP or any other custom recovery. By pressing the power and volume down button your phone will boot into TWRP custom recovery.TWRP to install ROM

  • Go to the Wipe section and you will see a format data option. However, it is your first time flashing any Custom ROMs into you have clean flash it. In a clean flash, you have to format your phone storage instead of wiping it so your custom ROM could install it.
  • Another option is an advanced wipe. In advanced wipe, you have to select multiple options which you have to wipe in the process. These options are Dalvik, Cache, System, and Vendor.

Step 6 – Flash the Custom ROM  and GApps zip file which you have downloaded from the internet. However, sometimes while formatting the data, the custom ROM file you copied that file would be erased too. To tackle it go to the mount section and select enable MTP and connect your phone to your PC. Now your phone will act as a storage device. Copy and paste the Custom ROM and GApps file to your phone.

TWRP Android Backup before installing ROM

  • Go to the install section select the ROM zip file and flash it.  It will take almost 10 minutes to boot into the Custom ROM. However, After flashing the ROM goes back to the home page again and goes to the install section. Flash the GApps file on your device.


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