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How to Get Windows 11 22h2 Update.

by Priyanshu Kumar
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The Windows 11 22H2 Update What You Need to Know 2022

How to get the latest windows 11 version 22h2Microsoft has released the latest Windows 11 22h2 update.  It will be rolled out in phases. As per Microsoft, every compatible device will get this update by next month.  It is the first major release ever since windows 11 has released last year. And, like this update, Microsoft will update windows twice a year with new refinements and some performance improvements under the hood. This new update consists of exciting new features. Windows 11 22h2 update comes with new start menu features which allow you to revamp it. It now supports folders to stack up your important application in one place. The file explorer has now tabs that will work like a browser. This new feature allows you to multitask with one window. We have covered the whole list of features that the windows 11 22h2 update contains here:

How to get Windows 11 22h2 Update.

There are a few ways through which you can get the all-new windows 11 version 22h2. And experience those all-new exciting features and improvements that you eagerly want to try.

Get your update by Settings.

One of the easiest ways to update your PC to windows 11 22h2 update is by settings.

  1. Open start, then click on settings or just simply searched Windows update settings.How to get windows 11 22h2 update
  2. After opening settings look for the windows update section. That will appear on the left side of the window.Windows 11 22h2 Update
  3. Click on check for updates and the option will appear to download and install Windows 11 22h2 Update.
Update your windows through Windows 11 update assistant.

If you didn’t get the update by settings and you still want to update your windows. There is another way through which you can simply update your windows. With every new version of windows, Microsoft releases their new version of update assistant. This Update Assistant from Microsoft easily updates your device to the latest build available for your. PC.

  1. Open any web browser and search Windows 11 Installation Assistant.
  2. Open the first link and you will be directed to the Microsoft official webpage. From there you will find an option to down the Windows 11 Update assistant. Download the .exe file and run it as an administrator.latest update through windowsupdate assistant3. Run the Windows 11 Installation assistant. This program will check whether your PC is compatible or not. And will ask you to accept the license. Windows 11 update assistant  After you accept the license the program will start downloading the latest windows 11 version. It will take up to 3 hours depending on the speed of your network speed.


Although, We recommend you to wait for the update till it arrives on your PC. However, Updating through settings will take less time. Even if you get the update through setting early. Please for least two weeks for the responses and feedback it gets from the users. Microsoft has a very bad track record in the matter of updating windows. Every time the update comes out to be buggy and even causes a blue screen of death.

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