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How to monetize your WordPress website without Google AdSense

by Pradip Singh
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Looking for a way to supplement your business income and monetize your WordPress website? Whether you’re a creator, blogger, or small business, there are several ways to monetize your website using WordPress.com’s e-commerce capabilities. Find out below the 6 proven strategies that would do the job, you can try one or all on your website.

1. Sell digital products to monetize your website directly

In any industry, there are probably different types of digital products that can be offered to viewers. Artists can provide a digital representation of their work, and marketers can compile white papers and e-books on advertising best practices.

You can sell your digital downloads to your audience using the payment blocking option. This feature is available to all paid plan customers. If you’re looking to sell branded or other physical products, consider an e-commerce plan. This is an ideal package for running a fully functional online store.

monetize your WordPress website tips and tricks

2. Provide freelance service

There are countless services that can be provided as a freelancer. When it comes to the different ways you can pursue making money and ideas for a side hustle, blogging and starting an online business tend to be the focus of attention. Of course, I’ve been blogging full-time for over 10 years, so I think these are great options. You can create your services based on Graphics design, Web Development, Social Media Management, Social Media Engagement, Virtual Assistant, Ads Manager, Bookkeeping and more.

3. Create a premium content library to monetize your WordPress website

If you have a group of enthusiastic fans on your website then you can consider turning them into paid subscribers by offering a special collection of exclusive content. Provided you must offer them a compelling service.

You don’t have to search for plugins to do this. Premium content blocks that use blocks to pay in combination can ask subscribers to log in to views and downloadable content they have paid for.

4. Include a donation button

tips and tricks to monetize your WordPress website

It is becoming more common for fans to make monetary donations to their favourite writers, musicians, podcasters and other creators. This can be done using the recurring payments feature available in the Payments block.

Set a standard donation amount or choose a setting that allows the user to pay the amount they want.

5. Monetize your WordPress website by practising affiliate marketing techniques

Brands work with a variety of affiliates to promote their products and services. If an affiliate promotion leads to a sale, then the brand would pay them a commission. This fee varies from brand to brand. You can pay your affiliate for every sale, lead, or click.

Affiliate marketing helps brand boost conversions therefore brands always look out for influencing profiles to promote them. You can partner with many affiliates to take advantage and try some performance-based marketing techniques to promote their products or services. This is a very effective way to accelerate the sales goal-achieving process with critical leads and conversions.

6. Create a mailing list and offer email marketing

Email marketing is an important part of the lead generation process and you should encourage your fans to sign up for their email list while they are visiting your website. This can mean using widgets to place sign-up fields in the footer or sidebar. Alternatively, you can use a plugin such as Pop-up Builder to adopt a popular pop-up email collection strategy. Doing this will help increase traffic to your site. Readers can take advantage of other monetization methods they have set up. In so many ways to monetize your website and increase your company’s revenue, which prevents you from adopting some strategies to help you increase your net income is nothing.

tips and tricks to monetize your WordPress website

Mailing lists are similar to aliases because they work by distributing received email messages to a list of subscribers. However, mailing lists differ from mail aliases in that they can apply fairly complex rules that determine how to handle incoming messages, but aliases only forward all messages indiscriminately.

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