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How to Get Detailed Battery Report in Windows

by Priyanshu Kumar
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Battery report in Windows

You can monitor your Battery through Battery Report in windows. This feature is inbuilt in windows you don’t have to load any side load application. We all know that battery is an essential factor in our laptops. Apart from Processors, RAMs, and other components battery plays a major role in running every hardware altogether.

The laptop battery is the most critical part of the laptop. If it is damaged or not functioning properly then the whole system can crash. The battery health report is a very important feature of laptops. It will also tell you if there are any problems with your battery. This information can help you plan your work accordingly so that you don’t run out of power too quickly. An operating system, like Windows, will provide a report every time you want to check your laptop’s battery health.

Why Laptop Battery Health is Important?

Nowadays, Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type of battery you will find in your mobile devices. Devices like Smartphones, laptops, tablets, SmartWatches, etc. The specialty of these Lithium-ion batteries is that they can charge at a quick rate and discharge at a steady rate. These Lithium-ion batteries have a high-energy density, in other words, these batteries can store more power and occupy less space. This character of lithium-ion batteries gives the manufacturers an advantage in making slim and light devices.

You can maximize your battery life with some simple precautions. The capacity of these lithium-ion batteries will be reduced after a certain number of battery cycles. The battery cycle is the cycle of charging and discharging your battery in simple terms. Every time you charge your battery it will lose its capacity by certain decimals.

To minimize the loss due to the battery cycle keep your battery between 20% to 80%. Make sure your battery most of the time drain below 50%. Do not charge your battery up to 100% nor discharge it to 0% or during high temperatures. Otherwise, it will lead to lower battery capacity. With lower battery capacity the battery can’t be charged as much as it used to be when it was newer. Hence for longer and better battery life, you will have to keep your battery in between 20 and 80 percent of charge.

How to Get Battery Report in Windows.

There are some easy steps. Just follow these simple steps and you will get details about your battery health in the following ways.

  1. Open Start and search Command Prompt or Press Win + R and type “cmd” and press enter.Steps to check battery report 2. In Command Prompt type command “powercfg/batteryreport” and press Enter. 4. The battery report will be saved on your PC. The Command Prompt will give you the file location of the Battery report. Copy the file path from the command prompt. 5. Paste the copied file path in file explorer and Press Enter. Your PC battery report will be shown on the default browser.How to check battery report in windows 11

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