Home Lifestyle Why you shouldn’t work from bed (and a guide to doing it anyway)

Why you shouldn’t work from bed (and a guide to doing it anyway)

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It may not be recommended, but, from necessity or choice, many of us find ourselves working from them. Here’s how to set up your perfect bed office

Everybody who knows what they’re talking about will tell you not to do it, but the lure of bed is hard to resist for any home worker. Or it may have become a necessity. With children home schooling, or in a cramped flatshare, your bed may be the only place you can get any peace (although many people living and working with chronic illness will be rolling their eyes at the idea that working from bed has only just been invented).

During the first lockdown, one survey, by Uswitch.com, found a quarter of home workers had worked from bed. Ten months into the on-off lockdown, more of us are doing it than ever. “We’ve found that up to 40% of people who have worked from home during lockdown have worked from their bed at some point,” says Catherine Quinn, president of the British Chiropractic Association.

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