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Apple Far Out Event: At a Glance

by Priyanshu Kumar
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Apple Far Out Event At a Glance

Apple Far Out Event on 7th September was a big deal for the company. The event was live-streamed and Apple unveiled the new iPhone 14 with an all-new design, specification, and new features.  We bring on some important topics like its features, camera upgrades, prices, and many other things which were announced during the event.

All-new? iPhone 14 Series at the Apple event.

These devices have just launched. It’s every aspect aspects and key feature has been unveiled at the event and here are some top 5 features, Although iPhone 14 and 14+ looked as same as last year 13 non-pro models with the same processor and same price start at $799 and plus model at $899. The iPhone 14 Pro starts at $999 and Pro Max at $1099.

1. New front-facing design after years.

For the last couple of years, iPhone front-facing design was not so interesting in matters of up-to-date looks and their arch-rivals like Samsung and other companies were doing well in putting punch-holes and minimizing the screen-to-body ratios. People have hated these big notches of iPhones so in its place company has announced a new pill-shaped design cut out which they are calling Dynamic Island. This pill-shape cutout houses the new upgraded camera and other hardware for face-id.

Why is it called Dynamic Island?

This pill-shape cutout has software built in that will make that black shape cutout expand and contract depending upon what you are doing to make it much more useful.

New dynamic island feature of iphone 14 pro
2. Always on display (AOD) to debut in iPhone 14.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro with new AOD feature

Although this feature is 5 years old and android users are using it for a half of decade. Apple finally making this feature debut in their new iPhone 14 Pro models. Unlike any other AOD feature, we see in android smartphones Apple’s AOD dims the wallpaper and shows various information like weather, time and etc.

3. A better promotion display than its predecessor with better brightness.

Following up with the always-on display, the iPhone 14 Pro has 120Hz displays, which is nothing new. But what’s new is that this LTPO panel can go all the way down to 1Hz from 120Hz usual LTPO displays go from 120Hz to 10Hz depending on what are you viewing. This time max peak brightness will be 2000nits which is greater than the Samsung S22 ultra’s 1750nits.

4. Biggest Camera upgrades in iPhone 14.

Apple iPhone 14 Cameras upgrade with larger aperture

At far out event iPhone 14 Pro gets two new upgrades and the first one is a bigger aperture f/1.9 which will increase the autofocus capabilities of the device.

Secondly, it will capture more light, resulting in better image quality in low light circumstances. Although the number of cameras at the back will remain the same, there would be some significant changes likely to take place under the hood.

The iPhone 14 now has a 48MP main camera which is finally a jump from 12 MP from its predecessor. Apple will be using a larger 1/1.3-inch sensor, up from a 1/6.5-inch sensor in the iPhone 13 Pro which would also increase the size of the rear camera module at the back.

Apple will use 4:1 pixel binning technology in their main 48MP rear camera. Not only that, but the phone will also record 8k videos for the very first time. And, finally, Apple will use the 7-element lens for its telephoto cameras.

New Apple Watch Series 8 at Apple Event.

At the Apple far out event following up on iPhone 14, they will also unveil three new watches. Watch SE, Watch 8, and Watch 8 Pro.

Apple Watch Series 8,All three watches will have a new S8 chip inside whose specs are the same as S7. Same as in last year watch series 7, so we are likely to get no major upgrades in the terms of performance.

The watch SE has the same size as last year which was 40 mm. However, Watch 8 and 8 Pro will be around 50 mm with fewer bezels and feature 1000 nits LTPO displays. Unlike last year, this year, Apple won’t give as many colour choices as we get last time. These watches are likely to get new body temperature sensors that will be as precise as thermometers that would check body temperature in real-time and report fevers. All three watches will have no design changes at all.

Watch Ultra.

The New Apple Watch Ultra with a new design and more durable announced at Apple far-out event. The company claims its case is made with aerospace titanium capable of handling -20 degree celsius to 130 degrees. New dual-frequency GPS and with new redesign compass for better accuracy. The watch is capable of tracking the depth and temperature of the water and it is twice as water resistant as other Apple Watches. However, the price of the watch is a bit expensive. The Apple Watch pricing starts at $999.

Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8


AirPods Pro 2.

The Apple AirPods Pro 2 has announced at the Apple event. It’s been a while since Apple refreshed its AirPods lineup in 2019. There was a lot of anticipation about whether Apple is planning a follow-up to the original or not.

 AirPods Pro 2: All details AirPods Pro which notably earned a very well image around the globe ever since it made its appearance in 2019. This time at the Apple event, Apple Airpods Pro 2 came with some new refinements like Adaptive transparency up to 2x noise cancellation, a personalized spatial audio profile, and new touch controls.

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